A work in Progress

Welcome all to my blog for Joshua. If you have spent any time over at 2 (and now 3) Angels to Grow Me you already know how special Joshua is to us. He has suffered an array of ailments since shortly after birth and I have spent most of my brainpower and energy trying to figure out how to help him. After more doctor's visits than you can count, more $$$ than you would ever want to spend, and far too much pain and suffering for a toddler...we think we finally have it figured out. Of course, the docs don't necessarily agree because it just doesn't make sense to them - he doesn't fit into a textbook definition and they aren't willing to read between the lines. That being said, we give our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, all the glory for his current health and happiness. He (the Lord) gave us such strong convictions and led us (once we were finally willing to follow) with a clear sense of direction in treating him.
Joshua will be turning 3 in about 2 weeks. He is so much happier today than he was a year ago. He still has a significant speech delay and has episodes of acid reflux that leave him unable to eat (sometimes for several days in a row), but 98% of the time he is just great!! The only thing that helps - his wheat free diet. We finally figured out that whole grain wheat was causing his acid reflux/ stomach ulcers, and chronic hives. He has never tested positive for a wheat allergy (he has been tested 3 times), and by no means is he anaphylactic...but he does have a delayed response/ GI aggravating wheat allergy. About a year ago, it was confused with Celiac's Disease, which is actually what started us in the right direction. The doctors are now convinced it is not Celiac's Disease (praise God)...and that there is a slight chance he will outgrow this type of sensitivity.
The purpose of this blog is to share our experiences, encouragement, frustrations, and LOTS of recipes with anyone who is interested. I will be back in a day or two to share some recently discovered recipes that my whole family loved - not just my picky (almost) 3 year old son. Thanks for stopping by the blog and thanks for being patient while I get started!