On Saying "STARS"

I have so much to update on this blog that it is almost pathetic...
I promise I will get to it...soon...

But I did want to share a precious story from Joshua's therapy the other day!

I was commenting to Amy (our wonderful, amazing, super duper SLP) how well Joshua was coming along w/ his "s" blends and how I had caught him saying "school" very nicely that day. She decided to informally test him on the word "stars." The conversation went like this...

Amy: "Josh, what are those things called that come out at night and light up in the sky?"

Joshua: "Fireflies"

Amy: "You are right, Josh. Now how about the ones way up high in the sky..."

Joshua: "Ummm, aliens?"

Amy: (laughing) "Well, maybe. I mean the lights that make pictures in the sky..."

Joshua: "Oh, you mean constellations!"

Amy: "Yes! Now Josh, can you please just say STARS for me?"

Joshua: (in perfect clarity) "STARS"

And they once said my boy wasn't smart! Love you Joshy!!!

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